Friday, June 23, 2006

The "Right" choice!

... or should I have said "Sahi"!!

Recently I had to give a demonstration to the customer about our approach to functional testing in my project. So I gave a demo of how Sahi works and how intuitive and powerful it is - and needless to say, they were impressed. Not with my presentation skills obviously,(I know that i suck at those things) but with the way Sahi works. Whether they will use it or not, I dont know, but one thing is for sure - I was even more convinced about this after the demo.

See for yourself if you don't believe me. There are lots of Web automation and testing tools out there and I'm not trying to compare. But the choice of a tool should not come in the way of development or maintaining the application. It should have minimum interference with the application but still achieve the purpose. And you should be able to extend the tool to your needs. And I think Sahi goes a long way in achieving all this. It just works like a charm. Well, I won't talk about what all it can do... just visit this and have a look.

Good job Narayan!