Saturday, March 25, 2006


Last weekend I had been to Karwar with a few friends. We had a nice time there with lots of watersports like coracling, canoeing, rafting, kayaking, wind-surfing etc in the beaches of Karwar. In the evening, we went on a trek over a hill and landed in another beach, pitched our tents there and spent our night. It was just awesome.

I couldn't sleep that night. I was just watching the stars and the waves and the forest. There were hills on three sides and the endless ocean on the other. It was a silent night with only the sound of waves. Lots and lots of questions in my mind. Questions about the why and how of the universe; questions which would have probably crossed the mind of most of us, but still remained as questions. Questions about the approach of science to explain the universe and the approach of spirituality for the same.

Why do such questions come to our mind? Why does man want to explain the universe?
Why can't we get the answers?
- answers anyone?


Nanditha said...

Ans to 1st Q: Such questions can come in any kind of circumstance, but this kind of environment which you just described would only help you forget everything else..Its only 'You' knw what I mean.The 'mind' when alone cannot help but think of the 'obvious'-the truth,the illusion,the whole reality behind the very existence.
I know that the answer is incomplete but all of it cant be written down know it!
Ans2: Why do we want to explain? You start off thinking in this direction: from lets say how did this all begin-you dont seem to get an answer. All theories start off from some point-but you still havent 'realised' the truth. This 'quest' for truth will make u feel uncomfortable and if you can hold on to this feeling for a long time..(not just forget it after u speak over the phone for 3hrs;))u would really 'want' to know the explanation.

Ans3:Who said that we cant get the answers? You cant get it so easily though.
You still dont have that longing..i know that you r thinking..but thats not sufficient. Just the desire to know the answers to the 'whys' and 'hows' is not giving you enough 'drive' have started off the 'thought process'..why dont you u get yourself going? Like I said the other still are not 'getting that angry abt yourself'. What is stopping you? You said you are lazy..WHY? If you are not finding answers..ask 'your SELF'.Come on...
(Disclaimer: These are only short statements..may not be exact answers..)

Prashanth Guha said...

Yeah. It is true. I have also experienced such questions and keeps me perplexed for a long time.

When you start answering the questions urself by relating whatever you have learnt before.. be it spiritual or be it philosophical or be it scientific, you will be amazed about how it all fits and how 'science' maps onto the 'spiritual' perspective and what is the reason behind all the beliefs in our culture.

It is also a fact that 'big bang' is also a concept and there are people who dont believe in 'big bang theory'.

Anonymous said...

am not sure if i can comment on the questions,but surely can,on the snap.
For me,the hanging shoes are the best part of the photo.And yes,we can certainly arrange for a professional photographer for our next trip !!!


Anonymous said...

A small and nice travelouge SRK. I am not sure about the 1 and the 3 questions but I am more curious about the 2nd one. Why at all does man try to explain universe ? what is that he achieves if at all he can explain it? I feel that it is the inherent fear of the unknown or the fear of death in man that provokes him to explain everything. The fact that he can explain something seems to comfort him that it will always behave as expected. I think that it is another attempt of man to put everything as a "cause and effect" thing. Trying to explain evrything
as an after effect of some cause. Maybe SRK can throw more light on this. over to you SRK.

Gururaj said...

I can answer for the "why man wants to explain universe".. (theme copied from somewhere the location i dont remember).

The whole existance of man .. his enthu for living depends on solving problems.. The day there is explanation for everything the existance of mankind ends there...

We get answers everytime .. but everytime with answers we create more questions..
There was a feeling in 1900 that the physics has ended.. it has explained everything and anything in universe... but 20th century proved the otherwise .. does the new physics of 20th century answers all???? Nope still has a lot of open questions...

Similar goes with the other sciences which explains...

Spirutaility is left to the experience of the user .. The zen prinicple applies here .. the more u explain more u get lost .. the less u explain u dont understand anything ...

So every person has to start his search by himself and come to the conclusions by himself..others may give inputs in this but none can be a total guide to whom u can follow blindly ..

The same applies to Science.. the results of the Bell Theorem was explained in different ways.. and each proves correct..

.. too big comment.. now my question is why it promoted me to write such a big comment...?????

Aparna said...

You are right.. :) these kinda questions always linger in all our minds.. some of us think of answers for them.. others accept them as unanswerable.. :) will discuss more on this later..
btw, an awesome pic there!! kudos to whoever took it! the boots hangin r d coolest! :D

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