Friday, August 04, 2006

Hair Raising!!!

No! I'm not talking about my visit to Wonder-la. Yes, no doubt that was hair raising.
But I'm talking about literal hair raising - yes "hair raising".

Well, there's nothing serious about it. I had grown my hair quite long till last week (It was almost starting to touch my shoulder). Everyone around me was quite surprised and i saw different kinds of expressions. Some were of the opinion that it was horrible and i should get it cut as soon as possible, but there was a minority of them who showed quite positive reactions to it :-). Some asked me if I had taken a vow or an oath that till I do something I wouldn't get it cut and some others teased me saying that my girlfriend had probably ditched me and i had lost interest in life. I was being compared to all sorts of people ranging from musicians to saints to film actors to mythological characters and what not! There were very very few people who were totally indifferent to this and went on as normal.

Nevertheless, i continued growing my hair till I felt like doing it. Honestly, there was no other reason at all. And there need not be.

After about 6 months, one fine day I just went and got my haircut done and was back to my normal looks.
Now again all the reactions(fun ;-)) started. People who had liked my long hair started scolding me as to why I did this and lost my individuality! And others phewed sighs of relief and said that they could atleast see me now.
Again mixed reactions!
Anyway, my experiment ended here and I am "back to normal?"! Hahaha!


Krishna said...

Count me among those who are releived :-).
Maybe you could have put up a snap revealing ur new self.

Anonymous said...

sarak ! Nim tayi en helidaare?

Aparna said...

" I just went and got my haircut done and was back to my normal looks . "
does 'that' say smth abt what u thought of ur hair? :D :D