Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Till now, I have mostly blogged about technical stuff. Today my mind is occupied with a lot of other things. This is the background:

From the last one year I was working on a large project and somewhat hidden from most of the nitty-gritties of an organization outside the problems of actual delivery of software. From the last one month, since I rolled out of that project, I am opening my eyes to some of these things. I have a few observations to make: This is probably true for any consulting firm.

  • The delivery phase is actually just one part of a very large process.
  • There is a lot of effort by a lot of people that goes in before an assignment actually comes through to the delivery stage.

I was hearing one of our senior executives talk about these matters (and a lot more things). Everything was so tangled up. Each and every decision which tries to untangle some of these things, brings with it a few more knots as well. As a whole, it is a chaotic environment. If you consider all the multitudes of things that humans are trying to do in this existence, I don't see any sort of order in this at all. It feels as though people are trying to make sense out of nonsense.

This fact leads to a more general question. Why are human beings in general creating and getting involved in all these complicated situations? What is driving humans to create problems for themselves and solve them and get stuck in this never ending chain?

Money - This is probably the answer for a vast majority but we see that beyond a certain level, it hardly matters. People sometimes take risks and are ready to lose money for something else.

Ego - This is probably one factor which overtakes money. People can go to any extent to maintain their self image. Probably this is also one of the factors driving the free software movement. But I feel this is again not the end. There is something else.

Something Else - I dont know what to call it. It involves the high level of passion exhibited by humans in whatever they are interested in. It is the infinite amount of creativity hiding inside every human, manifesting at various degrees. The push to do something new and special overflows from everyone given the conducive environment. When that push bursts out from within, neither money nor ego nor anything else can even come near it, let alone constrain it.

So, my conclusion is that we humans do what we are doing because we just can't help it. The knowledge/creativity/energy inside is trying to breakfree from all the limitations around. It is just the degree of manifestation that causes the differences between man and man.


srikanth said...

I appreciate your logic where you place creativity above everything. If we think deeper into why a human being behaves the way he behaves don't you think the human ego is the central part of the missing puzzle. The only reason a person becomes creative is to satisfy his ego. When a person says he is egoless, you see the charm of the ego which makes him prove he is egoless. The person who is egoless will never be known by us.

I tried being egoless when I appreciated about placing creativity above all the others but my ego doesn't let me to be happy with it. I want to prove my point :-)

P.S: All blames for the comment goes to Prasanna :-)

Krishna said...

I quite agree with your reasoning of creativity being the prime factor behind people's actions.But that, I feel is only after a certain stage.Initially it is the other "materialistic" factors that take precedence over creativity.Only once you have transcended parameters like fame,money do you do things out of inherent passion.Because by then,your ego would have been gratified to an extent.Of course,all these things would be happening at a sub-conscious level,which is why its even more harder to analyse them.

Karthik said...

Hi srikanth, As you yourself have said, ego doesn't let you be happy with placing creativity above everything else. Here the ego is actually a barrier for the manifestation of your creativity.
When a person is egoless, thats when you can see the 'real' human. Till then it is just the apparent man that you are looking at. I agree It is a very subtle distinction to identify, but this is what I feel.

srikanth said...

I am saying that it is your ego which is asking you to be creative. You want to satisfy your internal desire by doing things creatively instead of making tonnes of money or writing tonnes of code. According to me everything comes down to ego or internal desire.

Ayn Rand(in Fountainhead) depicts the role of ego in a better way. Btw, this is one of my favorite books. Do read it if you haven't yet.


Anandha Krishnan said...
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Anandha Krishnan said...

Dude , I am kind of confused and scared looking at your post because ....
You started of ..
"From the last one year I was working on a large project and....." Ahem hmm..

Then you end up saying ...
"my conclusion is that we humans do what we are doing because we just can't help it. The knowledge/creativity/energy inside is trying to breakfree from all the limitations around."
(u almost make it sound like an art work to me)

I think you really got drifted off in your context writing your blog entry...
Anyway I sincerely HOPE u did Waiting for ur reply ..fingers crossed ;-)

boshu said...

This is one of your best posts. very original. I would call your something else as "self- actualisation"(one of my favourite words).
According to Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory, this is the highest level of motivation.
Whatever you have written can be correlated to his theory of motivation.
reading this post makes me feel like opening my eyes to something else.Good one!